Wake up!

Clear your mind and put this on to set the mood and let’s go!

This is not a demagogic trickery. I am no artist. But I have to paint this picture.

Imagine that there is absolutely no difference between anything. One second equals one billion years, love and hate, light and absence of it, life and abyss, objectivity and subjectivity are all at state zero. Nothing. And then you. If you managed to imagine these things, then your brain just saw the simplicity of eternity in a split of a second just before you became you. Understanding eternity is understanding the life itself. When I learned this, my world-view changed so fast that I could not remember the old me anymore. What happened ?

I was born again…. It took me 28 years.

I am no scientist or physicist, I don’t understand the quantum mechanics and I don’t know the theory of relativity. You may call me pseudo intellectual, wannabe, goof or whatever pleases you, but I love to imagine and ask questions and if you ever think that there is no point in anything, or if you are to give up on life because of your personal problems remember that EVERYTHING is a lot bigger than your mind can process. Ask yourself who are you? What defines you? Is it your name, your face, your mind, your job, maybe your voice, your success, or your money, fame, family? What makes you- you? The answer is now, nothing else. It is plain and simple- you are now and now is here. Understand that if there is such thing as eternity- then life must be just as eternal as anything else. The assembling of a complex human body will happen over and over and over and over again. You will become you eternal amount of times because evolution is endless. You will become everyone on this planet, every living form in the Universe and every self- conscience. Every destiny, you will relive again and again.

When “you” die, “your” memory will die with your body. Memory is nothing but a “collection/result” of a skill that your body and brain possesses. They are not really yours- just borrowed. That is why people with strokes tend to forget those around them. It is not YOU per se ( your soul) that gets damaged, but only your tool of communication.

So here is how I see it all.

You are born. Live your life. Only the few of you will wake up now and here. Then when you die of for instance old age, your body’s conscience and the feeling of your self will go into an abyss. Now here is the exciting part. Don’t think for a second that this will last, because….

The eternity is a concept, which proposes that time as we know it will never end. So that must mean that no conscience will ever be able to percept the eternity, right? So when your body’s conscience goes blank, it can stay like it for let’s say 34 987 539 257 billion years. But “you” will not feel that span of time. So for “you” it will be just as long as a second here on earth. The cool thing is that by that time, the cycle of Universe may have moved on several times. You will find a new body, with a new mind by that time. Einstein proved Ethereality btw to those of you who does not believe in such things as souls.

Practically what I just described will feel a little something like this

You die. Everything goes black for a nanosecond and then the light is back on. Just like switching the channel on TV. You are born in a new body, with a new conscience and zero memory. In that nanosecond you may have traveled for several thousands or even millions of years with the speed of light in time and space, and Earth or even the Milky Way may have been gone for a long time. The doctors may still stand over your body and ascertain your time of death. But you wouldn’t care. You are just a little baby now- with a brand new start. In a brand new time.

This is the eternal chain of life… and love… To you..

Don’t ever underestimate the possibility of “now”

Now is for ever. Now is you ! Love and embrace NOW AND HERE…

Wake up!



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