The inevitable collapse of the Western Empire.

Have you ever had a feeling that the world has stopped up a little? The overall development has stagnated and it almost feels like something major is building up the pressure ? Well, you are not alone. It is because no prosperity or development can find place upon already fully bloomed state.

My intention is not to scare the crap out of anybody, just share yet another opinion on the matter, but if you somehow find yourself easily spooked, I recommend you steer clear.

The Western world has undergone several cultural changes throughout the history. Let’s take a look at the Roman empire for instance. I think we can see a lot of similarities between the Roman Empire and the Western Empire led by the USA to the date.

A vast powerful force rose starting approximately at the year 100 BC and lasted for almost 15 decades . First period of the “modern” Roman existence was defined as Pax Romana or Roman peace which brought the republic political prosperity and growth. The dictatorship had been introduced and Julius Caesar was the one to bury the republic, before he was murdered. From the ashes rose the Empire under Augustus.

Now there have been many backstabbing leaders, great orators and other influential political personalities in Roman history, most of whom had but one objective- expand the Empires borders and gain more power for themselves and more freedom for the people. And Rome grew.  It got so huge that it was illustrated by the size of Constantinople or New Rome as it was called 500 AD which was the largest city in the world. The Roman greatness and leadership saw no boundaries. Life expectancy rose. People could afford luxury lifestyles. The decadence and degeneration began slowly to sneak in on Rome. People had become too hearty and pampered on the wealth. Even the sexual orientation became unidentifiable at some point. The roman democracy model had given people too much power and it went downhill from there on. These are the factors which in my opinion have greatly influenced the degeneration of the Rome and in the end culminated in its total collapse.

  • Cultural crashes and internal disputes due to pluralism and religion ( Religion and democracy, sounds like a recipe for success there)
  • The fact that the Empire was simply too huge for a single governance. ( We can see the similarities in the EU and US today )
  • Degrading competence of the leaders and decadent generations ( Needless to state any examples here )
  • The economic collapse due to inflation and corruption ( Hmmmmm, sounds familiar )
  • Roman Empire became bypassed by other cultures. ( One word- China?)
  • The educational freedom had drowned its own purpose. ( I can see this literally everywhere today )
  • Freethinking and human rights had exceeded the moral norms ( People gained too much power )

In other words Rome stood no chance of surviving.

And there is no doubt. People will get too much power, and when they do- anarchy and total chaos will follow, believe me. Not concerned yet? Well you better be, because the Western Empire is once again about to collapse under its own weight.

I’m off to Asia folks. See ya.


Decadence then.

Decadence today.

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