About me and my ideas.

Hi !

First of all, I am gonna paint a straight forward picture of myself. I’m not gonna lie about anything or brag about things I know nothing about. I have undergone a great deal of circumstantial change throughout my entire life, so that factor may have had a huge impact on my worldview today, a view that may differ from yours (so, just a heads up, no offense) Keep that in mind. And yeah, excuse my English, I’m gonna do my best not to make a sh*tload of grammatical errors. Well, let’s go !

Who am I?

My name is Kirill Belov. I am a Russian dude, born on august 1, 1988 and raised near Moscow- Soviet before I moved to Norway with my mother and my younger sister in February 2000, where we’ve lived ever since.

My desires

Every boy and girl upon their horse (well a pony really) of childhood learn to dream about becoming or achieving something. I was no different. I dreamt big, talked even bigger and my imagination ran like a river out of control (them cliches). As a kid- my interests were the three A’s as I call them. The Astronomy, the Anatomy and the Archaeology, but I also fueled my curiosity when it came to drawing, reading, writing and learning languages. The biggest goal was always going to be to travel and discover other cultures tho. However a combination of the fact that I’ve never really had a fair chance to chase any of those desires and that I am somewhat lazy ( who isn’t?!) brings me to a total of zero trophies. But I’m about to change that…

Anyway, as the years passed by, I discovered a world of philosophy and psychology. Between you and me- I am a shitty psychologist and at most a quasi philosophical thinker, but the two subjects may have just helped me enough in revealing my own truth and understanding of the mechanics of being, and nothing is more important than “figuring that out”.

Oh, and I’m a huge Liverpool (football) and TB Lightning (hockey) fan.

So what am I up to?

As mentioned before, I’ve always been a big dreamer aaaand a big talker, talking about how I should do something and try to reach my goals, but every single time it really boils down to nothing. So I’ve figured that it’s time to walk my talk, literally.

Here’s the deal: After a given period of preparation and such, I’m gonna take my backpack, put all the necessities in it and head the f*** out the door with no money just to see how far my curiosity and adaptation skills can carry me. That’s it. Crazy right? Well, here I wanna quote Shakespeare ” Better 3 hours too early, than a minute too late ”

So why not?

See ya !


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